About Us

Imbued with the rich tradition that comes from a long history in the art of designing Haute Couture men’s fashion apparel, Palzini brings the vibrancy of fabric, textures and colours to life through its prestigious fashion lines. Inspired by influences from around the world, Palzini’s Italian heritage and creative flair craft textiles into uniquely high fashion menswear items.

Elegance, comfort, impeccable tailoring and fine styling are the unquestionable attributes of wearing a Palzini, and generations of men have come to enjoy and trust the confidence and style that wearing a Palzini garment always provides. As Purveyors of fine men’s formal and leisure fashion apparel, Palzini has become synonymous with quality and taste.

Through generations of fashion design, Palzini’s creativity and innovation have seen it become men’s outerwear leaders, not only through its fashion lines but also its industry leading production and tailoring techniques.